Your mind is your bitch


The title comes from the New York bestseller "You are a Badass" and from a stereotypical perception of the title, this is not telling you that what happens around is not your fault and you should not let it phase (at parts maybe), but its produced to convey the following:

1 - You CONTROL your life

2 - You have all the POWER to change your reality whenever you want 

3 - Your MIND is your manifestation tool

...and more along the lines of "life truly is what you make it", because your mind really is your bitch.

I'm not just going to vomit out a bunch of spiritual and philosophical ideas out on you, but one that has been made aware across the world is 'The Law of Attraction', heavily acknowledged by the documentary 'The Secret'.

The Law of Attraction stands as " the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life."

It is the idea that what we believe and feel is what we will attract into reality. It can also be seen from the perspective as the energy of your daydreams being transferred into reality. 

Its sense of simplicity is what can almost make it come across as crazy and silly, but giving it a go, alters your perception on your reality allowing you to either make a positive situation out of your circumstances, or not so desired, negative manifestations. 

An easy concept to get your head around it may be the seeing it as "what you want has already occurred in the future and is now piece by piece, through every interaction of your days, is adding up to your desire".

It helps keep you positive and almost excited for life, the idea is to know what you want and let the universe unfold how, without you questioning it; going with the flow of the energy you give out. 

Now, I'm hoping to start a spiritual/life hack/good vibes concept on my YouTube channel, were eventually I will do an in-depth video on manifestations etc.

However to ease you in a bit, writing down what you want/thinking about what you want and believing you already have it allows you to send the energy to the universe of you accepting it as your reality and therefore allows you to align up with the desire for it to reach your reality.

Accept your reality through belief before it appears. 

Get over wanting evidence before you believe and watch everything you want fall in place.

I HIGHLY recommend watching 'The Secret' or grabbing the book, either or will fill you with the simplicity and high power of the Law of Attraction.

Give it a go and see what your own energy and the power of your thoughts can create for you.

Without allowing yourself to be knowledge, you'll never understand or appreciate what the LOA is or holds for you.

Everything comes with practice.

Keep an eye out for my series on YouTube on Vibes and Energies.

Love Always,

Misha XO 

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