I'm taking a Social Media Detox...


As I write this, I am on Day 6 of a Social Media Detox. 

Luckily I was born in the 90's, which meant I did not grow up with the technology that surrounds us now. However it wasn't long until it did flood a part of my teenage years. 

Facebook seemed to be the start of everyones interaction with Social Media and that soon turned to Twitter, Instagram and of course, Snapchat.

This is just naming a few sites and applications that connect us to each other digitally, emphasis on digitally, which I feel is a lost fact within the big world of Social Media. 

People seem to have lost the truth of Social Media not aligning to reality. A false perception on communication and reflecting on others lives through posts seems to be the piece of information used to justify a persons life.  Stated plenty of times before, but still seems to be pushed to the side, is the idea of people simply placing their highlights onto Social Media. No one wants to magnify and project most of their low points in life, but that does not give anyone the justification to minimise or ignore the fact that these low points are a part of EVERYONES life. 

Your favourite celebrity, your close friends and people you simply admire... they are not experiencing their life exactly 'post-to-post'. There are things, good and not so good, occurring between their posts in their lives. Therefore what they portray is one of the smallest percentages of their life and this is a concept I think people need to gain a better perspective on and know that there is a bigger picture to everyones Social Media Profiles.

I have always had an idea of energies and vibes from people, but as of recently have expanded on my belief in surrounding yourself with good energies. I decided to take a break from Social Media by deactivating my Instagram, Twitter and signing out of Snapchat. I've kept my Facebook, in order to keep my blog promoted, but have deleted all apps off of my phone. 

I made this decision due to the fact that, I am at a point where I felt like I had a lot more to focus on than what was going on in other peoples lives, not even from a selfish point, but it is the idea of checking your phone to check up on other peoples lives, whilst you could be spending more time on yours.

It is not a permanent decision, that is something that would effect my career path largely. However I just wanted a break to centre myself and just put things back into perspective in regards to focusing more on getting my life in check, over checking up on other peoples lives and only showing my best bits for a while. 

Nothing is ever simply perfect 24/7, again nothing ever is, but it is making the best of the situation that is what matters.

As of now, I have so much more I need to put my energy towards, finishing my first year of Uni and gaining a job for the summer and building up on my Youtube. Most importantly, focusing on taking care of myself more. 

With all this going on the last thing I felt was needed was too much of an opinion from peoples interactions towards my social media, good or bad, because people can wish good, others not so much...whether you know it or not. Right now, the persons opinion who mattered the most was mine. Therefore me staying positive was all I needed and everything truly is falling into place.

This detox has really opened my eyes to the relationships that are actually part of my reality and not just Social Media, through people who I'm still in contact with outside 'the feed'. Alongside this, I've learnt how to avoid comparisons and focus a lot more on myself and valuing my own opinion more. 

Overall, I think everyone should take a detox from time to time, in order to reflect on themselves without others interfering and just blocking out bad energy for when you need to do things for yourself. 

Now this is not to force an opinion on others about energies and vibes, but, for me personally, it really does affect the way I see and live my life.

I do not know when I'll reactivate as of now, but I'm definitely enjoying being present in all moments and not having at the back of my mind the urge to have to check my phone for a notification etc. 

You really do get a better idea on reality and become more productive with not feeling a need to check your phone and if none of the above reasons seem convincing, then do it for your BATTERY LIFE. 

I may have triggered some of you to take a detox, however I feel like I can't explain truly how refreshing its been through a blogpost and therefore I shall be a doing a video on my YouTube in the coming weeks.

Until then as usual...

Love Always,

Misha XO 

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