The Beauty Products you NEED to try in 2017...


In 2016 I decided to finally try products I'd been dying to for a very long time or ones that were completely new to me. Nonetheless, these were my favourite ones, the ones I think every beauty lover should definitely try!

If you love a flawless finish foundation, dewy and that is lightweight. As well as, a standard light to medium coverage ((that is build-able for those of you who love more of a heavy coverage)  - this is one foundation you need to try...

The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Originally upon purchase, the lady in Sephora suggested Barcelona as my closest match, however I decided to go one darker which is Syracuse. However, after the months of using it, I did notice it was more of an orange tone, rather than yellow. Therefore, knowing I'm more yellow tone, I had to go and pick up Barcelona. Overall it blends so nicely into my skin and does not dry it out. If you're looking for an overly dewy foundation, another option may be better. This gives you a glowy finish, nice enough to not make you look crazy oily! - It is all down to personal preference. 

You can purchase NARS in varying places, those of which are known to me are, Sephora and stores like Debenhams, Selfridges etc. - stores along the lines that have a counter.


To compliment the foundation, I recommend going with their creamy concealer - the name says it all.

The Nars Creamy Concealer 

I know it may sound cliché, but this is one of the most flawless finish concealers I've tried! At the time of purchase I was on holiday tanned and in a rush, therefore I picked up more of the orange undertone shades known as Caramel - I'd have been better off picking up Biscuit, Ginger or Macadamia. Despite that I still got my wear out of it and loved the finish and coverage! It was not too heavy and never caked up. - I have now picked up Macadamia and still can't get enough of it!


The way to have your foundation and concealer the best they can starts with your skin first! Good skin equals good makeup!

If  you were to buy all the skincare products in the world or the best ones even, you'd want them to work 100%. The best way I've found for this to be the situation is using an exfoliation brush, one of the many beauty products taking the market by storm.

One in particularly I've given a go and become very familiar with is...

The Magnitone BareFaced Vibra-Sonic

Retailing at a reasonable price of £50, in comparison to others on the market, the brush comes with two settings a standard vibration and a pulsating vibration to really deep cleanse the pores. Buffing away dead skin cells, that are not noticeable and cleaning out the pores allows any skincare products applied after to penetrate further into your skin layers and really work to their fullest potential. 

Quick Fix Facials

Now alongside my cleanser (which I'm still testing and trying) and exfoliation brush, I love doing a facial. I came across the brand "Quick Fix Facials" which sell on the market with their "10 minute" claim. I tried out their exfoliating mask and I must say it leaves my skin so soft. It's got a good exfoliation feel to it, which helps deep clean your pores and smooth out the surface of your skin. They come in an easy squeeze out tube, which I find is so much more easier than tubbed masks. My favourite way of applying it is with a foundation brush as this minimises mess. They really do live up to the "Quick Fix" name, for my skin personally, and have a huge range of facials dependent on your skin. If you're looking for something to pick your skin up (either mid-week or end), in a matter of 10 minutes, then I'd definitely give these babies a go.

The Flawless Matte Palette

Taking it back and finishing it off with a makeup product is my love for the Makeup Revolution - Flawless Matte Palette. This palette screams taupe & nude colours, which therefore makes for it to be one of my go-to palettes. These colours can never go wrong with any look, from creating a whole look with the palette, to simply using them as transition or base colours, I ADORE it! I do tend to still pop on a MAC paintpot, because I swear by this and how much vibrancy it adds to shadows, but nonetheless the colours are well pigmented and for the price it's pretty amazing stuff - 32 shades for £8 pounds! Go on girl get your nude on. 


I feel like creating these posts on my favourite products should be so much more of a regular thing, monthly sounds good to me. I hope they'll give you an insight into some new products, tested and tried by yours truly. That only leaves me to say I hope this was of some interest to you and you've got a new 'want/need' of any/all of the above products - I apologise to your bank account.

Love Always,

Misha XO

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