Hello there 2017, I have a good feeling about you.


2017 has arrived and it's the time of year where nostalgia and excitement combine. The time we reflect on the lessons of the past year and are left wondering what will unfold for us in the coming days.

2016 was the year of loving and losing loved ones, as well as a whole load of personal growth. It wasn't the best of years, but reflecting back on where I started and how I ended, I'm grateful for having taken lessons from the lows and using them for self-improvement. 

Despite the ratio being more negative to positive, one of my proudest achievements for 2016 was getting into University. I started somewhere new and have met some of the best people so far. University is an individual experience, but for me it is being a very good one. I'm constantly opening my eyes to so many opportunities and realising there is so much out there that can help you achieve where you want to be. 

Alongside with these opportunities, your mindset is one of the most powerful tools for achievement.

If you believe you can and will, you'll begin to believe in yourself more and find the motivation to make what you want a reality. Personally, I want 2017 to be the year of more life and as Marc Jacobs states, lets do what we love and do a lot of it. This for me, refers to focusing on my degree and working hard on my YouTube and Blog which I relaunched last summer. 

I think one of the major setbacks for this can be that not everyone can agree or understand what you do and why you do it. That's the thing though, you do not have to explain what makes you happy to no one. It's none of their business and their opinion should not have any affect on whether you choose to make your happiness a priority. To sum it all up, doing what you love, really should not be anyones business to tell you whether you should or shouldn't. Do you and do it confidently.

Keep yourself so busy you leave no room to give attention to anyone putting you down about it. 

With all that in mind ... 2017 is the year of making myself proud, making memories that will last a lifetime and purely enjoying the wonders of life. I have no idea what is to come, but keeping a positive mind frame and forcing myself to see the positive version of everything will allow no low point to bring me down.  I hope you find the confidence and courage to be happy this year with what you do and who you choose to be surronded by and the memories you choose to create. 

You will end this year differently to how you have begun and that change will most definitely be a positive one, as long as you keep your mindset full of good vibes. Every negative will help you grow positively and you'll constantly be becoming a better you. 

I wish you all the best in your hopes and dreams for the year and remember... start the way you wish to carry on - here's to more life in 2017.

Love Always,

Misha XO 

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