Settling in as a Fashion Student at University


Hey Everyone,

As September has come to a close and we are already half way through October, I thought this was the perfect time to sit down and update you on where life stands as of now. 

I've just started University in Nottingham (NTU) where I've begun to study Fashion Communication and Promotion. This particular subject area has always been of interest to me and I was always certain, from a young age, that my creativity and love for fashion definitely was a pathway I would like to pursue on at University. 

Nottingham itself is a very creative city which consists of vintage shops to theatres to boutiques to museums and galleries, all of which are a great source of inspiration. Therefore it academically held a great advantage to study Fashion in a City fuelled with varied inspiration outlets. It also holds a great social atmosphere, which you definitely need at university to enjoy your time there and be happy and comfortable with your atmosphere. 

Freshers was definitely a bunch of crazy nights full of bonding with your fellow peers within your accommodation and really beginning to feel at home. After that came societies and without a doubt, one that I joined was The Fashion Society. All the events/societies and clubs you interact with after freshers is definitely where you begin to branch out from your accommodation friends and find those who love the same things as you! Before you know it you have various circles of friendship groups, all that have a different impact on your life at university. 

However, after all the 'no sleep' days (which, by the way, feel like they are still never ending) came waking up for 9am's ...

They do say that the best thing to do in life is what you enjoy and that is exactly what I've chosen to do. I feel as if my project briefs and research are all things I would consider to carry out in my free time; everything I love to do, day to day, is what I'm being set to do within my course. Therefore, it does truly speak for itself, that this course was the best decision I could've decided upon.

Now, university life itself is very different from a standard day in school/college. It feels almost like lectures and seminars are rather full of conversations with people who share the same passions, rather than just being told a bunch of "information", it really does feel like talking to a bunch of friends. 

The ease of settling in due to this really does fuel you up on excitement for the next 3 years of your life, as they truly will be full of experiences and opportunities I will love. 

From travelling to sharing my creativity with you guys, I will definitely keep you updated and more of an insight into the content of my course on further blogposts to come! 

Love Always,

Misha xo 

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