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I can recall that from the day I arrived to my university campus, from left, right and centre, I was being constantly reminded with the advice that "First year of university goes so quick, make the most of it". 

At this point we all kept repeating the same " Yeah, yeah I bet it really doesn't".

BUT LISTEN TO THE YEARS ABOVE... I now find myself wanting to give this exact advice to anyone starting university. 

I'm going to approach this post using my own personal experience, but by no means does this mean that this is how your experience may be, but hopefully, however you decide to go about it, you have one of the best education years of your life. 

One thing I learnt is Freshers, at the beginning, is more of an experience to get comfortable with the people that are within your flat, as well as overall in your accommodation - my university have fresher reps, that carry out pre drinks in order for everyone to mingle - most uni's do have events going on before a night out during freshers - mostly pre's ( which is standard for a night out, uni or no uni, which if your going out, do I need to even mention this?)

However once you have your introductory lecture as the fresher week/weeks further on, you will find people to be shy initially, don't worry you're all in the same boat.

The best advice I can give is to be as open as you can and say hello first, you both probably want to.  Also as the year goes on, you will be making friends throughout it!

Just have an open mind and say hello to people during the first week, nights out, on your course etc. (try your best to go to everything planned out and make an effort to go out with people, even just for food)  

My best friends are those off my course now and thats from me just biting the bullet and saying hello during freshers and deciding to go to the Freshers Ball together - you will meet a lot people through a lot of people!

However do not stress yourself about not finding a group within freshers, this will happen, you have all year, everyones shy at the start and freshers is mainly just to get comfortable in your new environment.

Moving along after freshers week, again for me personally, making an effort to make time for people etc. helps to bond and settle into your university and new town/city. I highly recommend you keep yourself busy at university, it keeps you healthy -  mentally and physically (double if gym is one of your past times)

Soon enough you will settle into finding out what works for you in regards to staying busy and happy at university. 

The best thing I can say is ENJOY YOURSELF and make as many memories as you can and work when you have to, but in first year, until exams/coursework deadlines kick in, let yourself off here and there... if you're like me, every week - sorry to my liver. 

Now I'm not saying you have to go out clubbing and drinking to have a good time, you really don't, you will find the friends that suit your own hobbies - societies and sports help, if that's your thing (do give a few a try during freshers though.)

It's crazy to think I was preparing and anticipating for uni this time last year, it just reminds me how quickly this year really has gone by. However, to not make it too negative and nostalgic, the best way to think is that there is more to come next year and another plus is living with your best mates the following years, this may even be the same people you ended up living with in first year!

This post truly could go on for ages and therefore I'm thinking of doing a little 'Girl Talk' series soon/ in second year, with my girls on some of our tips and experiences on my YouTube Channel.

I hope you have the best time wherever you end up and just make the most of it - "it's first year" is always a great excuse. 

But seriously, have fun and I hope you do well!

Love Always, 

Misha XO

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