The fear of fear, oh my GAD // Mental Health Awareness Week


So I was contemplating whether I wanted to put this post out there, for not only my nearest and dearest, but the whole world essentially to read...

It was recently 'Mental Health Awareness' week here in the UK and therefore makes it a perfect time to make a post that does exactly that.

An estimation of at least 1 out of 6 people have experienced a common mental health problem this week, according to the mental health statistics on:

This can vary from any of the following and more: Depression, Anxiety and Drug use.

Over recent years, the taboo of admitting you have a mental illness has slowly started to diminish and seen nearly as equal to a physical illness - which it is.


Just as much as you don't choose to have a physical illness, neither does someone with a mental illness. Even the differentiation between the two shouldn't be an important factor. The key point is, it is an illness.

I would not wish any type of illness on even my worst enemy, let alone a mental illness. How do I even have the knowledge to back that statement/opinion of mine?

A couple months into my first year at university, I went along to my GP and was diagnosed with GAD - Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

It's very important to not narrow a person down to whatever illness they have. You wouldn't see someone with the flu, as nothing but the flu? So why do some people think that all that defines someone with a mental illness is there diagnosis.

No one is defined to just their diagnosis.

I'm not ashamed to say I have GAD. Don't get me wrong at the start I did not want to let anyone know because it's the worry of being stigmatised and having anxiety doubles the worry.

GAD is when you have excessive worry and avoidance at times, no matter how small or big over generalised catalysts, rather than a specific one.

I've learnt to deal with it as time has gone on, but still can have panic attacks, the best ways I have found that help me is really taking the time to look after myself and my thoughts about what I am anxious/scared/worried about.

Reflection - writing and meditating/mindfulness are alway suggested for the wellbeing of your mental state and helps you to re-center and balance yourself when you feel like you are spinning out of control.

It helps to minimise the out-of-proportion conception of your reality to the truth. It helps you focus on the moments more and not think about what if and having hundren thought tabs open at once. 

Taking time out to look after yourself and priorities your mental health is not something to hold a negative connotation to, if it makes you selfish, so be it - you have to live with yourself, you are all you got 24/7. You have to look after you.

I really want to open up more about reflection and how to put things into perspective more, but seeing as I'm still practicing and having fun with it all, I feel like the time will be rather in the future.

If you are suffering from any mental illness, just know you have not lost yourself to a diagnosis, never blame yourself, use it to strengthen yourself.

Head up and Heart open - always & forever.

Love Always,

Misha XO

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