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Growing up in London my entire life consisted of many days to Central London, however my trip to London with my university, from Nottingham, was a lot more goal focused as it was a research trip.

Our project briefs consisted of a varied amount of trends that were allocated per group. We had to keep our eyes open for the trend "Stretched Shoulders". Immediately after hearing our trend, I automatically thought of it being more a Spring/Summer trend. However from knits to evening dresses we came across a variety, still along the lines of a limited collection, but the trend itself is seen to be trans-seasonal through the change in materials and textures used. 

Without a doubt, stores like Selfridges and Liberty were at the top of our list to visit. Upon entering it was not only our trend we were looking out for, but anything that took our interest. It is definitely becoming colder and that means winter is very much on its way/here, with this comes the visual aesthetics shops like Selfridges roll out for the season, capturing aspects of Christmas ( and nothing like giant glittery baubles hold the festive spirit).

We also thought it would be a a great idea to capture where all things VOGUE, takes place here in London. Therefore it was only right to take a little turn towards Hanover Square, where the 'Vogue House' lies. Also part of this is a little magazine archive store by Condé Nast (the publishing company that own Vogue). It was amazing to see the variety of magazine covers from years previous to now, it really helped to see the evolution of magazines and fashion itself, within the media.

Whilst in London, definitely means either shopping (most preferably) or window shopping, whichever takes your fancy. We headed down to New Bond Street to take in some of the more high end Autumn/Winter fashion collections by brands such as Burberry.

For most girls, and for me definitely, Victoria Secret is an aspect of heaven on earth. It's lingerie is absolutely beautiful but the visual aspects of the store itself, from the glossed tiles, glitter and pink, give it a classy and flirty vibe. 

Overall, London was a successful trip, in the terms of gathering our primary research within Retail for our trend, as well as spending a day back home for me and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the City.  I couldn't tell you how many times I've been into Central London, but ever since moving away, you do appreciate it all even more, there's nothing like a bit of "Hometown Glory" like Adele states. 

Love Always,

Misha XO 

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