For the love of LA


It's a Sunday evening and I'm sitting in my little uni room, with the window straight across from my bed, reminiscing about my summer holiday to LA - very theatrical, I know.

LA definitely, like any city, has its good and not so good areas aesthetically. We stayed at the 'W' Hotel in Hollywood which was absolutely stunning, decor really lived up to "high-class" and treatment was VIP.  We had flown out to LA the day after my birthday, so my parents decided to give me a little surprise with the help of the team at the hotel too...

Hollywood itself, surprisingly, is said to be one of the run down areas and is only just picking back up (we only spent one evening on Hollywood Boulevard, despite staying there). We explored other parts of LA, from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, which were my personal favourites. 

We decided to drive to Santa Monica, through the very busy LA traffic, to spend a relaxing day on the pier, eating ice cream and taking in the beautiful view of the sea and sand. The entertainment on the pier varied from arcades to rides and some beautiful violin music. 

It was a very family friendly area, with my favourite shopping area 'Third Street Promenade'. We loved the shopping area so much we went back twice and once on our way back to the airport, you can never have enough of Sephora, right?

I kept my outfit quite cool that day, a part of me regretted it in the evening, but it was quick to throw on and I loved the colour combo. I'm one of the biggest fans of the nude colour palette and love to throw in some darks to complement each other.

Khaki is one of those colours, I personally think, will never go out of style. This halter-neck bodysuit from '' combined well with my nude scuba mini skirt, also from PLT. 
They both had such a great fit, which a lot of people worry about when it comes to online shopping, however I love how the halter-neck bodysuit stayed put through-out the day and really shaped around my body well, alongside the skirt.

The warm weather and a lot of walking meant I opted for my 'go-to' white Stan Smiths with this minimal outfit, this meant I was comfy all day long. 

So the day progressed and we walked down to enjoy the sunset at Venice Beach which was beyond beautiful. There was still a hustle and bustle going on throughout the beach and it was cramped with gift shops, but nonetheless it was a nice walk and as they say 'the city never sleeps'.

Right now, lazying about on my bed in Nottingham, I'd probably prefer to be looking at this again...

LA all in all is a place full of such different areas, with different vibes, for different people, meaning  you have to really explore and find what you favourite place is. If you can't tell already, Santa Monica was my favourite place with its chilled, family vibe and SHOPPING - I am a fashion student at the end of the day?

The holiday came to an end, but it was a good end to the summer before the reality of starting university hit, it was adventurous and relaxing at the same time and one things for sure American's get a lot of good food! - I'm pretty sure food was one of my favourite parts of the day. 

If you do ever get a chance to visit LA and being adventurous alongside having lazy days and shopping is key, then this ones for you! 

LA, without a doubt, I'll be back.

Love Always,

Misha XO

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