Finding your passion



It's something we all have within ourselves or something we all desire to obtain for something that peaks our interest. 

Every individual has their own, it may be the same as someone else's, but your thought processes, creativity and way of expressing your passion will always have your own unique touch to it. 

If I was to view this from a personal narrative, then I've always been a "girly-girl" who loves everything to do with fashion and beauty, but alongside this I've always had a creative spark. This meant, combining the two, I could express my likes and inspire people through publishing a blog and YouTube videos that allow me to add some creativity and help others with my interest. 

It also allows me to do something with my passion and really play around with all things fashion and beauty, which keeps me busy with everything I love and helps express who I like to identify as. 

No matter what happens to be your passion, that you choose to be open with and express, you have to be prepared that not everyone will hold your perspective. This will always result in some sort of criticism, but its up to you to simply force yourself to ignore it and focus on why YOU enjoy it.

At the end of the day, you're doing it for yourself, because its your passion and not theirs, therefore you cannot expect everyone to understand your interest...but thats not your problem. 

One of the best pieces of advice I could give is to always remember why you started and where you started from. This will help you see the positive and keep you going by putting everything into perspective once again.

Whatever you want to pursue you have, by all means, the right to do so. If you're being true to yourself and truly do enjoy what you do, you'll never complain or wish to be in someone else's position in life. This even applies for people who have similar interests to you, its not a race and every one goes at their own pace because despite being similar passions, it is still unique to you.

I mean, I actually created my blog and YouTube account years ago, but only this year do I feel like I've been of the right mindset to start it properly and be consistent. This allows me to really set both of them in stone, which I feel I never did due to inconsistency, now I feel like I'm old enough to take it all seriously and do a lot more with both of them.

So with that being said... Here's to fresh starts and giving your all into what you enjoy.

Love Always,

Misha XO 

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